Installing the ProductFlare Changelog on Wordpress Websites


By Sai Teja

updated 10 months ago

In this article, we'll take a look at how to install the Changelog widget on your Wordpress website so you can keep your users or customers up to date with any product changes, updates, upcoming webinars or general announcements.

What you'll need to get this working on WordPress: 

  • Wordpress website
  • Elementor or page builder
  • Header, Footer and Post Injections plugin (, although any code injection plugin is fine.

1) To get started, open your ProductFlare dashboard, and click on a Room that you want to create a changelog for on the left sidebar. 

2) Click the 'Changelog' button in the upper right corner of the page as shown below:

3) In the pop-up, enter the element name that you want to trigger the widget. This is the trigger element that opens the widget when your website visitor clicks it. It can be anything, but the most common and easiest to get working is an icon such as a 'bell' type icon.

Important: Don't enter # or . before the element name, we only need the text value.

4) Once you have installed and activated the Wordpress plugin we recommended earlier, hover over 'Settings' in the left sidebar, then click 'Header and Footer'. Scroll down the page and then paste the copied code snippet from ProductFlare in the 'Before The </body> Closing Tag (Footer)' input and then click 'Save'.

It should look like this: 

5) Open up Elementor or your page builder and add a trigger element that will open the changelog when the user clicks it. We recommend an icon element. In the element properties, set the CSS ID to be the exact same text value that you entered in ProductFlare, in this case 'changes'. 

It should look something like this: 

6) Save your changes and update the page. You can now launch your website in another tab and the website will load, then when you click the icon the changelog will load.

That's it! 

Didn't catch it all? Watch the walkthrough video below: 


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