Trigger The Changelog With Javascript


By Sai Teja

updated 7 months ago

In this article, we'll take a look at how to trigger the changelog widget on your website or in your software so you can keep your users or customers up to date with any product changes, updates, upcoming webinars or general announcements.

If you use a common website builder such as Wordpress, you might find the below articles will get you set up faster. This tutorial requires a basic level of Javascript understanding and is use for more custom setups. 

Quick Access To Specific Website Builder Articles: 




How To Open The Changelog With JS

Triggering the changelog is really easy. We handle closing of the changelog so all you need to do is install the code snippet from your ProductFlare dashboard in the changelog builder popup. 

After you have the code installed, you can trigger the changelog by calling a single function in Javascript:

Function name: 

initChangelog("","this must be the Room ID string found in the URL in your dashboard when you click the Room on the left") 

This will open the changelog and either animate it, or if you have changelog animation disabled it will show it instantly. 

If you need any help getting this set up, please let us know! 

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