In this article, we'll look at how to invite your team on ProductFlare to manage and edit individual Products. Remember, your team doesn't have access to Products unless they are granted access by a user with Admin or Manager privileges. More information on Roles and responsibilities can be found here

Granting Product Access:

Firstly, click on the Product you want to give your team access to on the left hand side. This will load up the Product page where you can edit the settings, change the design etc. 

Then click the person icon in the top right next to the 'Embed' button.

If you haven't invited anyone to join ProductFlare yet on your Team, you'll see a window that looks like this: 

Otherwise you will see a popup like the below with your team members: 

All you then need to do is click the 'tick' icon next to the team member you want to invite and then click the green 'Update' button! You can then remove them by clicking the 'tick' button again and clicking 'Update'. 

That team member then gets access to the Product and Features and can edit or create any data within the Product.