ProductFlare let's you connect to over 1000+ apps in Zapier's library really easily. 

You may want to do this so that when a customer or user submits a new Feature suggestion on the public frontend of your customer Roadmap, it will also trigger a Zapier action, such as emailing your whole team (this is also already enabled by ProductFlare's notification system without Zapier), creating a new card in Trello, adding a new To-Do in Asana or any of thousands of other combinations. It basically sends the content of the Feature suggestion to Zapier where it can be further processes into another piece of data in another app, all automatically. 

To get started, visit your account settings by clicking the profile picture in the top right, then clicking 'Account Settings'. 

You'll see this screen:

Then, click the 'Connect Zapier' tab. Note, you'll need to be the Admin (the person who signed up to ProductFlare originally in your business) to see this tab. 

You'll then see the following screen: 

From here, you'll need to log into your Zapier account and click 'Make a Zap' in the top right corner. 

From the new Zap menu, click the blue 'Show All' button at the top and you'll see the 'Webhooks by Zapier' button. It looks like this: 

Click 'Webhooks by Zapier'. In the next screen, click the dropdown just below 'Choose Trigger Event' and then select the 'Catch Hook' option in the dropdown: 

Hit the blue 'Continue' button. You'll then see the 'Customize Hook' screen with an input that shows a long URL under the label 'Custom Webhook URL'. 

This URL is used to send data from ProductFlare to Zapier. All you need to do is copy that URL and paste it into the blank input on ProductFlare in the 'Connect Zapier' tab that we opened earlier. When you have pasted it in, go back to Zapier and click the blue 'Continue' button. Then, click the blue 'Test & Continue' button, it will start to show a loading animation. Immediately go to ProductFlare and click the orange 'Connect ProductFlare To Your Zapier' button when the URL is in the input. 

When you go back to Zapier, you'll see it showing as connected and also showing some data it has pulled through as below! This is just dummy data, but going forward this real data from your Feature submissions will be sent through to Zapier and Zapier will handle it using the action that you set up in Zapier, for example sending the 'First name, last name' to your CRM. 

That's it, you can now use Zapier to decide what to do with the test Feature that came through and connect it to another app, like Asana or Trello so that every time a new suggestion is sent in ProductFlare by a customer, it will auto-send to Zapier and then Zapier will send it to another app that you set up now.

Walkthrough Video: 

If you need any help, please reach out to our live chat for support.