ProductFlare is a great solution for individuals and also teams and departments.

We make it super easy as the admin to invite your team and you get full control over what Products your team can view (great if you use external contractors or people you don't want to share everything with!). 

This doc outlines the basics of the Team system and Roles: 

ProductFlare Team Roles:

Member - Can only see and edit the Products and Features they are invited to and manage people. 

Manager - Like Member, but can invite others to the team and view all settings except billing.

Admin - This is the person who signs up to ProductFlare and pays the bill. This is the highest level of authorisation and can manage all users, Products, Features and view billing info. 

Where to add you team:

The team settings can be found in your account settings. To access these you must be the Admin or Manager role. 

First, click the profile image in the top right corner and then click the 'Account Settings' button. You'll then see a page like this: 

Then just click the 'Team' tab and you'll see the below screen: 

Here you can manage your Team name, then the inputs below it are to be used for inviting your team. Just enter their first and last name, then their email that you'd like them to sign up to ProductFlare with (we recommend their work one). 

You should then select a Role that you want to give them taking note of the Roles and their access levels above. 

When you are happy, click Send Invite and they'll be emailed the invitation and you'll see their temporary user account on this page, as well as the status of their account whether they have signed up or not. 

That's it! For information about inviting your team to individual Products, see this article.